Tribunal finds British and international business complicit in Israeli
war crimes

Identifies legal remedies and calls for civil society boycott action

Monday 22 November 2010

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine this morning announced its verdict
after weekend deliberations. The jury said it had been presented with
“compelling evidence of corporate complicity in Israeli violations of
international law”.

Juror Michael Mansfield QC, who chaired this morning’s press
conference, announced the jury’s call for the mobilisation of civil
society to end the involvement of companies in Israeli human rights

Both Israel and the complicit businesses, are in clear violation of
international human rights and humanitarian law, he said. This
relates to “the supply of arms; the construction and maintenance of
the illegal separation Wall” and providing services to illegal Israeli
settlements in the West Bank.

In its public statement, the Russell Tribunal named seven examples of
corporations complicit in Israeli violations, including British-Danish
prison firm G4S which supplies equipment to Israeli checkpoints in the
West Bank.

The public statement is available in full on the Russell Tribunal

Israel is in “flagrant disregard” of international law and is on the
wrong side of world opinion, and morality said Mr. Mansfield.

Juror and South African liberation struggle veteran Ronnie Kasrils
said one “can not underestimate the importance” of civil society
action on boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).

The jury concluded there were positive legal ramifications for those
took action on boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.
“Those who wish to actively protest about this, are entitled to do
so,” said Mr. Mansfield. Those prosecuted for criminal damages have a
defence: necessity.

The press conference heard breaking news of such an action happening
in Covent Garden this morning, as activists shut down Ahava, an
Israeli business based in a West Bank settlement.

The statements from those corporations who chose to engage with the
tribunal will be annexed to the final report of the London session.
This full report will be available in at the beginning of December.

It will identify specific legal remedies in the case of the many
companies involved in Israeli human rights violations.



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