Chris Hedges now a patron

On August 23, 2010, in News

Chris Hedges, American journalist, author and war correspondent endorses the Russell Tribunal on Palestine and becomes a patron.

It is only when oppressed and oppressor share a common history, a common narrative, that it is possible to communicate and build a new society. This is done by imploding the myths used by Israel to justify violence and facing the stark injustice of Israeli occupation. Once the crimes that have been committed by Israel against the Palestinians are named, once Israel ends the occupation and asks for forgiveness, there can be peace. As long as Israel remains trapped within its own narrative, which does not recognize that the injustice meted out to the Jews in Europe during World War II was not solved by meting out an injustice to the Palestinians, there will be no communication and no hope of reconciliation. Exposing these crimes is the first step in healing the wounds.
Email to RToP, August 2010


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