A company collecting household waste in the UK is guilty of war crimes in occupied Palestinian territory, according to an expert witness to testify at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine this weekend.

Local councils should “lawfully exclude” waste management company Veolia from bidding for public contracts, consultant Adri Neuwhof will testify this weekend.

Dutch consultant and human rights advocate Adri Nieuwhof will accuse Veolia of involvement in “racist” transportation projects in the occupied West Bank, including a planned light rail service and a bus route that are “Israeli-only services”. “Palestinians resident in the West Bank are not allowed to use the bus routes” which serve illegal Israeli settlements only, she is due to say.

Nieuwhof will also testify to “race discrimination” in Veolia’s employment practices in the country, and involvement in Israeli colonisation of Palestinian territories.

Israel’s settlements are illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids population transfer into territory occupied in war.

Meanwhile, two Palestinian experts due to testify before the Russell Tribunal this weekend now seem likely to be blocked from arriving in the UK because their visa applications are being held up by the British Consulate in Jerusalem.

Jamal Juma and Ghaleb Mashni are scheduled to appear this weekend to testify about the involvement of Veolia and Israeli arms company Elbit in the illegal occupation of the West Bank.

Mashni is an engineer from East Jerusalem who was due to testify on the impact of the planned discriminatory light rail project.

The citizens’ tribunal will take place this weekend (20-21 November).

Amnesty International will host a press conference for the jury to present its verdict on Monday 22nd.

The jury at the London event includes UK barristers Lord Anthony Gifford QC, Michael Mansfield QC and John Dugard, former special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The RToP is named after late philosopher Bertrand Russell, winner of the Nobel prize for literature. The Russell Tribunal on Vietnam took place in 1967.

The London session will follow the March Barcelona session on the complicity of European Union member states with the Israeli occupation and associated abuses.


NOTE ON THE TRIBUNAL: The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is an international civil society initiative scrutinising the role of third parties in violations of international law with respect to the Palestinian people.

Four sessions over a four year period look at the role of state and institutional actors including the European Union, corporations and the United Nations.

Other companies to be examined by the Tribunal include: G4S, Elbit Systems, Cement Roadstone Holdings, Soda Stream, Ahava, Carmel-Agrexco, Dexia, and EDO-ITT.

A detailed press briefing is available on request via email. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine will take place at: 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL


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