Ashraf Mashharawi

Ashraf Mashharawi is a Palestinian filmmaker living as a refugee in Gaza, whose films have been acclaimed and received several international awards. He has also been awarded for his strong coverage of the Israeli attack against Gaza in 2008-2009. His films mainly focus on people and stories from Gaza and Palestine, but he has also made films focusing on subjects from outside Palestine, for example: “Slavery in Yemen”, and “The Road to Tawerghaa” (Libya), which won the First Prize in One World Festival for Human Rights in Brussels.

Ashraf works with Media Town Pro, a fully independent film production company, focusing on Palestine and the Middle East region. The main goal of the company is to produce high quality films with a humane message to help people understand and connect with what is happening on the ground. Media Town crews are mainly young people who are well trained, but face the challenge of filming under very harsh conditions in Gaza. Directly and indirectly, they have produced more than 40 films, most of them about Palestine. Media Town and its crews have been awarded many prizes for their work.


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