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Israel’s Crimes in the Gaza Strip under International Law

Extraordinary Session, Brussels, 24-25 Sept 2014

24 – Albert Hall 9 Avenue Eudore Pirmez, 1040 Brussels

Jury: Ahdaf Soueif, Vandana Shiva, Christiane Hessel, Michael Mansfield, John Dugard, Richard Falk, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Ronnie Kasrils, Radhia Nasraoui, Miguel Angel Estrella and Roger Waters.

8.30: Doors open

9.30am: Opening of session by Pierre Galand

9.45am: John Dugard on the legal rules governing the conflict.

10.20am: Paul Behrens on the requirements for Genocide.

10.50am: Desmond Travers on the munitions used during Operation Protective Edge

11. 20 : BREAK

11.35am: David Sheen on incitement for Genocide in Israel’s public discourse.

12noon: Eran Efrati on the Salem Shamaly case. Shooting of a Palestinian by IDF sniper.

12.20: Mohammed Omer on extra-judicial executions (case of Mohammed Tawfiq Qudeh)

12.40: LUNCH

14.00: Mads Gilbert on targeting of Health facilities.

14.20: Mohammed Abou Arab on targeting of Health workers.

14.40: Paul Mason on targeting of UN schools and experience of reporting in Gaza

15.05: BREAK

15.20: Martin Lejeune on targeting of industrial zones and factories.

15.40: Ashraf Mashharawi on destruction of civilian infrastructure including governmental power/sewage.

16.00: Raji Sourani on targeting of civilians.

16:30: Ivan Karakashian on use of Human shields focusing on children

16:50: Max Blumenthal on War Crimes

17:15: Agnes Bertrand on Third party state complicity.

17:40: Michael Deas on Ways forward

17:55: Closing speeches


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