Media Roundup for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine-NYC


TV: “Palestinians: Lost in Translation,” Al Jazeeraʼs The Stream,

TV: Democracy Now!, 3 episodes: Sept. 28, Oct. 8 and 9, 2012, Alice Walker, Dennis

Banks and Michael Mansfield TV: Democracy Now!, Oct. 9, 2012,

Video: Noam Chomskyʼs Call to Action—Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Pluto Press, Sept. 26, 2012,

Video: “Wally Shawn: On the Necessity of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” Israeli Occupation Archive, Sept. 17, 2012,

Video: “Roger Waters: The Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” LiveLeak,

Radio: “The Russell Tribunal on Palestine with Alice Walker and Dennis Banks,” Law and Disorder, Sept. 25, 2012,

Radio: “Russell Tribunal on Palestine Findings with Noura Erakat and Ilan Pappé,” Law and Disorder, Oct. 22, 2012,

Online/Offline Print

Angela Davis, “Dismissal of Palestinians is Reminiscent of Jim Crow Days,” Mercury News, Oct. 5, 2012, palestinians-is-reminiscent-jim-crow

Sohrab Ahmari, “Israel on Trial in New York,” Wall Street Journal, Oct. 9, 2012,


Ali Gharb, “Preaching to the Converted,” The Daily Beast, Oct. 9, 2012,

Valérie Duby, Le Matin (Switzerland), Oct. 8, 2012,


Matt Meyer, “How Legalese Can help Free Palestine-Op-Ed,” Palestine Chronicle and Eurasia Review, Oct. 15 &16, 2012, and

Alex Kane, “Sold-out Russell Tribunal on Palestine Wraps up in New York,”, Oct. 8, 2012,

Danny Schechter, “Putting Palestine on the Agenda: At the Russell Tribunal in New York,” Znet, Consortium News, The Economic Voice and Global Research, Oct. 8, 2012,

Frank Barat, “Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine Responds to Criticisms of New York Session,” Mondoweiss, Oct. 17, 2012,

Frank Barat, “Palestine is No Longer a Dirty Word,” New Internationalist, Oct. 5, 2012,

Frank Barat interview with Ronnie Kasrils, “Anti-Apartheid: An Interview with Ronnie Kasrils,” Al Jazeera and Jadaliyya, Sept. 27 & 28, 2012,

Richard Greve, “Report on Russell Tribunal on Palestine NYC,” War Criminals Watch, Oct. 15, 2012,


Katrina Bacome, “Tearing Down Israelʼs Apartheid,” Socialist Worker, Oct. 16, 2012,

Video: “Michael Mansfield on Where Should the Birds Fly: Russell Tribunal on Palestine-

NYC,” Deep Dish TV,

Matthew Russell Lee, “In UN Middle East Debate, Feltman on Palestine Status, Syria on Mali, of Post-Nobel EU,” Inner City Press, Oct. 16, 2012,

Gary Lapon and Daphna Thier, “Testifying Against Israelʼs Apartheid,” Socialist Worker and Transcend Media Service, Oct. 10 & 15, 2012,

Marc Ellis, “Exile and the Prophetic: Who Speaks for ʻpalestineʼ?” Mondoweiss, Oct. 14, 2012, forpalestine.Html

“Tribunal on Palestine Finds US, UN complicit in Israelʼs Violations,” Nobel Womenʼs Initiative, Oct. 12, 2012,

Debbie Shlussell, “Pink Floydʼs Nazi: Roger Waters Troubled by ʻJewish Powerʼ in America,” Oct. 11, 2012, Talk show hostʼs blog,

Elisha Baskin, “Where Were the Palestinian Voices at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine?” 972 mag, Oct. 13, 2012,

Steven Lendman, “Israeli Crimes Without Punishment,” MWC News, Oct. 13, 2012,

Alex Kane, “Russell Tribunal Conclusion: U.S. Facilitates Israeli Immunity and Impunity,” DesertPeace, Oct. 11, 2012,

Sherry Wolf, “Civil Rights Icons to Palestine: Weʼre with You,” CounterPunch, Socialist Worker, Mondoweiss and SherryTalksBack, Oct. 12, 2012,

Belal Behader, “Tribunal in New York Encourages Students to Become Modern VIPs,” The Setonian, Oct. 11, 2012,

Gabrielle Lefevre, “Les Etats-Unis reconnus complices de crimes contre humanité, les Nations Unies paralyses,” ABP, Oct. 10, 2012,

“The ʻRussell Tribunal on Palestineʼ: A Mockery of Justice,” European Jewish


“Palestineʼs Observer Outlines Process Leading to Proposed General Assembly

Resolution on Enhancing Status; Committee Also Briefed by Russell Tribunal Jurors,” UN Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Oct. 8, 2012,


“Russell Tribunal: Israelʼs Crimes Not Possible Without US Support,” Israeli Occupation Archive, Oct. 9, 2012,

“US Complicit in Israeli Crimes: Palestine Tribunal,” The Muslim News, Oct. 10, 29012,

Wendy Davis, “the Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” FireDogLake, Oct. 9, 2012,

Frank Barat, “Palestine: We Need to be Fearless,” New Internationalist, Oct. 9, 2012,

“Tribunal Weighs Crimes on Palestine – Someone want to pass this along to the Main Stream Corporate Media? Cc: The White House,” Worldwide Hippies, Oct. 10, 2012,

“US Complicit in Israeli Crimes: Palestine Tribunal,” Uprooted Palestinians, Oct. 10, 2012,

Abraham Greenhouse, “Sold-out Russell Tribunal on Palestine within easy reach with live video, Twitter coverage,” Electronic Intifada, Oct. 5, 2012,

Abraham Greenhouse, “Russell Tribunal Exposes Futility of Relying on UN,” Electronic Intifada, Oct. 9, 2012,

Brenda Norrell, “Russell Tribunal on Palestine describes world freeing itself ofdeception,” Censored News, Oct. 8, 2012,

Ethan Heitner, “Please No Applause! Sketching the Russell Tribunal, Day 1,” Mondoweiss, Oct. 8, 2012,

Azhar Vadi, “CFP Salutes Vavi for Speaking Truth to Power,” CII Broadcasting, Oct. 9, 2012,

Cynthia McKinney, “Open Letter on the Occasion of the Seating of the New York

Session of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” San Francisco Bay View and Op-Ed News, Oct. 7, 2012,

“International War Tribunal meets to discuss Israeli occupation on Palestinian territories,” Free Speech Radio News, Oct. 8, 2012,

César Chelala, “Russell Tribunal Strongly Condemns US and UN on Israel’s Policies,” Common Dreams, Oct. 8, 2012,

Veronica Carchedi, “Russell Tribunal on Palestine Offers Alternative Perspective,” Washington Square News, Oct. 9, 2012,

Multiple articles, The Peopleʼs Record,

Antares, “The Russell Tribunal on Palestine ~ will it help end the nightmare in Gaza?” Magick River, Oct. 7, 2012,


“European Jewish Parliament denounces ʻRussel Tribunal on Palestineʼ as ʻmockery of justice,ʼ” European Jewish Press, Oct. 6, 2012,

Daniel Greenfield, “Gaza Flotilla reveals its Anti-Semitic Face,” Front Page Mag, Oct. 4,2012,

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, “The world is changing and only justice to the native Palestinians can bring security and peace here,” Salem News, Oct. 6, 2012,

“Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to Join Jury of Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” PACBI, Salem News, Oct. 6, 2012,

Bassem Aly, “Pro-Palestinian Tribunal to Gather in New York,” Al Ahram, Sept. 30, 2012,

Michel Warschawski, “Pagani au Tribunal Russell, en toute coherence,” Le Courrier, Sept. 29, 2012,

Michel Warschawski, “Mayor of Geneva to observe Russell Tribunal in NY,” Alternative Information Center, Sept. 27, 2012,

Amitabh Pal, “Roger Waters on Palestinian Rights, The Progressive, Oct. 8, 2012,

Sherwin Bryce-Pease, “’The Russell Tribunal on Palestine a cruel joke,’” South African Broadcasting Company, Oct. 7, 2012,

Sherwin Bryce-Pease, “Russell Tribunal on Palestine slams Israel,” South African Broadcasting Company, Oct. 10, 2012,

Brenda Norrell, “Russell Means: Solidarity with Palestinians,” Censored News, Oct. 23, 2012,

Danielle Avel, “Anti-Zionists Stage Trial Farce,” Front Page Mag, Oct. 23, 2012,

“Update from the Russell Tribunal,” Union Solidarity International, Oct. 18, 2012,


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