Written Testimonies:

Shawan Jabarin  – Al.-Haq

Legal and Administrative Measures Impacting Residency Rights and Freedom of Movement. Fragmentation of the Palestinian Population to Prevent Their Development


Marianne Blume


Max du Plessis

The Prohibition of apartheid in international law – and its relevance to Israel


Mohammed Khatib


Rafaëlle Maison

Persecution as a form of crime against humanity


Rafeef Ziadah

Fragmentation of Palestinian Labor and Control Over Palestinian Economy


Raji Sourani


Self-Determination and Occupied Palestine Today


Ran Greenstein

Israeli Jews, Palestinian Arabs and the Apartheid Question

Israel/Palestine and the apartheid analogy: critics, apologists and strategic lessons


Zwelinzima Vavi – General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions


Archbishop Desmond Tutu


David Keane

Elements of the Definition of Apartheid: Racial Groups under International Law


Emily Schaeffer

Separate Legal Systems for Jewish-Israeli Settlers and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories


François Dubuisson

Apartheid and other serious violations of international law: the obligations of third States and remedies available


Haneen Zoabi

Arabs and Jews in Palestine: different reality, different law, different set of rights in the same territory and in the same state


Ingrid Jaradat Gassner

Do Israeli practices against the Palestinian people amount to apartheid? Elements of Apartheid: racial groups


Jazzi Abu Kaf

The world is silent while the State of Israel continues its racist policy and criminal activity against the Arab minority in the Naqab


Jeff Halper

House demolitions, apartheid and Israel`s policy of HAFRADA


John Dugard


Luciana Coconi

Acts of apartheid. Overview of the various United Nations reports on apartheid related to Israel and Palestine


Mahmoud Hassan

Denial of the right to life and liberty of person as a crime of apartheid


Jamal Juma


Joseph Schechla


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