How we operate

The RToP was established in response to a call by Ken Coates (Chairperson of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation), Nurit Peled (Israeli, Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Speech 2001) and Leila Shahid (General Delegate of Palestine to the European Union). Responsibility for organizing the Russell Tribunal on Palestine lies with the International Organizing Committee (IOC), whose members are: Ken Coates, Pierre Galand, Stéphane Hessel, Marcel-Francis Kahn, Robert Kissous, François Maspero, Paulette Pierson-Mathy, Bernard Ravenel and Brahim Senouci.

The following bodies also form part of the structure of the Tribunal:

  • The International Support Committee , made up of individuals from the academic, scientific, cultural and political fields with an international reputation and no current political mandate (see annex).
  • The National Support Committees , which contribute to fund-raising and ensure popular mobilization and media coverage. They may also assume responsibility for organizing a session in their country or help to organize others. National Support Committees have been established to date in the following countries: France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Spain and Catalonia. National Committees are also in the process of being established in the Netherlands, Austria, Algeria, Lebanon, India and Chile.

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